Family Office Services

Integrity, security, discretion, independent advice, dedicated professionals – all these are at the disposal of our Family Office clients to help them make those far-reaching decisions that an entrepreneurial family has to take.

Our wide skills-base has an international reach providing clients with personalised services that are sensitive and responsive to their individual situations, even as these change over a period of time. We apply a holistic approach to each client’s individual circumstances and requirements and draw upon the range of expertise at our disposal to provide best solutions for the here and now, and intelligent planning for prosperity.

Our reputation for building firm and lasting relationships with clients is founded on strong communication and firm trust. Experienced advisors and wealth administrators, we endeavour to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ goals. We work in synergy with our teams across the globe to ensure clients achieve their objectives.

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Our specialist Family Office Services include the following:

Setting up and governance

Our expert team will work closely in absolute confidence with an entrepreneurial family to establish a set of visions and expectations that will underpin the detailed business plan that we then develop. This will include issues such as deciding the most suitable location, what proportion of the family’s wealth is to be managed by the family office, the infrastructure to be set up and how the office is to be financed and governed. We have the global experience necessary to advise on international business ownership, legal and fiscal affairs.


Once established, we can administer family office operations and our holistic, integrated multidisciplinary and discreet approach means that each individual family’s situation is reviewed regularly to ensure ongoing prosperity, compliance and efficiency.

We act as a focal point for all aspects of family office administration and we can channel our expertise to create a tailored portfolio of resources for each individual family office.

Income and capital planning

Planning for retirement

We understand that longer lifespans make planning for retirement income more important than ever as well as planning for life changes. Our associated pension experts will be able to help devise tailored strategies to best address issues such as long-term specialist health care and to ensure that clients can fully benefit from their assets.

Succession planning

Our discreet, client-focused service means that we are able to establish firm relationships based on integrity and trust. This provides the foundations for providing a family office with clear direction in planning for the future and ensuring that successive generations benefit from the work and wisdom of preceding generations. It is through these long-term relationships that we are best placed to create powerful solutions to navigate the complex and ever-changing challenges of managing generational wealth.


Education is the means to empower each generation of a family. Our experts engage with younger family members to offer a wide range of insight and knowledge to support the upcoming generation in sustaining the family’s vision and paving the way to further success for future generations.

Fiduciary services

With a multidisciplinary team of experts accessible to our clients, we focus on fostering an understanding of our clients’ unique situation, engendering long-term relationships based on trust, sensitivity and absolute discretion. A family, generation after generation can call on us to provide appropriate representation in order to best manage assets, finance, deal with a decedent’s estate, access legal advocacy and representation if needed or manage health care, arrangements for retirements, even end of life matters, among a host of services that a family office may require over the course of time.


Over succeeding generations, it is sometimes the case that family members will not agree or share the same family vision. We apply a professional and sensitive service of arbitration in order to resolve misunderstandings and disputes as quickly and discreetly as possible, wherever we can returning the family to a position of mutual understanding and harmony in order to keep the family office direction steady and true to the family vision.

Transactions, building and transferring assets

Risk management and insurance

There are numerous risks that can affect a family’s assets and future opportunities for continuing prosperity. These include financial risks, technology and compliance risks and reputational risks. Our team carry out expert risk assessment and analysis and provide tailored solutions to individual circumstances, from making sure that appropriate insurances are in place, to providing compliance advice, ensuring continuity in managing the family’s affairs, providing financial advice and legal expertise.

Tax planning

Legal services

Our international team of barristers and solicitors provide entrepreneurial families with a comprehensive range of legal services, from commercial law and corporate services, to Probate and personal advocacy. Our Family Office service facilitates access to a multidisciplinary team of experts and we understand that our clients’ needs will vary over time. We place at our clients’ disposal access to top quality international legal advice.

Philanthropic activities

Many entrepreneurs and their families believe that it is important to take an active role in society to support and help those who are less fortunate. Whether setting up a charitable foundation or helping families find a way of making a positive contribution to society, we are able to offer the discreet expertise to establish the most appropriate vehicles by which to make a charitable commitment, and to ensure that tax and legal issues are all incorporated as important elements of maximising the beneficial effects of giving.